RunOnFocus Steven Devlin

I love getting lost; It's the only time i ever find myself!

About Me

Who AM I?

I'M a 32 yrold Irish Guy who currently lives in Munich,Germany.
I'm A seasonal runner, Meaning from march to october ill run.Then from in the winter months ski, and generally recovered like and animals do;)

I completed since i started running in 2006, several ultra-marathons from Australia to Austria:
In August of last year i ran 199kms over three days from Munich to Hersbruck, for no other reason than i wanted to and could do it.
I've done around 6 marathons again across several countries, PB was 3.27.  Not altogether fast, but i dont consider myself a 42km runner:) 

Basically i am at my happiest state when in the forest, on a mountain , or somewhere off road running with nothing more than my meditative state.

If your ever around the Munich area, i'd be glad and honoured to run a few kms with you:)

Go Hard Or Go Home friends!


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